Friday, July 27, 2012


sunday. skylar and i surprised dad with homemade lasagna and the tv on the golf channel when he got home from work. it's the little things.

monday. i managed to put on a pair of black pants that hadn't fit me in over a year. i did my celebration dance (you know the one) and then looked out the window to see neighbors walking their dog and staring right at me. awesome/mortifying moment.

tuesday. kristen stewart cheats on robert pattinson. all down time at work is now spend reading about this situation and reporting to my girlfriends any updates which I am sure they are THRILLED to be receiving every five minutes.

wednesday.  heartwarming conversations with two of our best friends asking them to by skylar's godparents. beautiful moments.

thursday.  my nana showed up at my house with my fifteen year old cousin. they both had just gotten their ears double pierced and nana had purchased herself a hello kitty sweater. gotta keep em young, y'all.

friday. it's 7am and i am alone in the house for what feels like the first time ever. tonight husband is cooking his really yummy chicken dish and our snuggle up on the couch and watch the opening ceremonies of the olympics. have a great weekend!

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