Thursday, April 29, 2010

currently loving...the union jack

maybe its because they say cute things like bollocks.
maybe its because i have a new found respect for red.
maybe its because they produced robert pattinson.
or maybe its because they have queens and tea time.

i don't know what it is...
but i am obsessed with all things british.
especially vintage union jack home decor. help.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ming makes cupcakes

{mings peanut butter cupcake}

so, unless you have been in serious denial or dieting for the past year
you know that cupcakes are pretty much everything right now.
and this website called 'ming makes cupcakes' is ah-mazing and inventive!

here is what i predict will occur...

you love ming.
ming makes cupcakes
ming takes pretty photo of cupcakes
ming provides recipe for cupcakes
you make cupcakes
you become very fat.
you hate ming.

its going to be a vicious cycle...but worth it i think.
go here and check it out.

joey wayne

my dad, he was only 25 when i came around.
and for some reason it took 30 years for me to really understand
what that must have been like.

i think i will buy him a drink tonight.
here's to you dad. have a wonderful birthday.

Monday, April 26, 2010


{panama city beach}

slacking on the posting. i know.
and i started off so good too!
but let's not dwell on this...okay?
here is what has been going on in my world...

i just got back from panama city, florida. where my extended family has a condo. i went with my step-mom and had a perfect, relaxing weekend. answering work emails isn't as bad when you are laying on a beach chair with a frozen cocktail in hand. i had the best she-crab soup of life and finally got past the first chapter of my challenge book, "East of Eden."

but every relaxing, eat all you want, drink all you want kind of trip comes with a price.
and one month i will be thirty so there is no time to waste.

so my latest sure-to-not-last-tactic for not wanting to die when May 29th rolls around
is a fitness dvd called "insanity"
i did the fit test portion yesterday. it's only 25 minutes long. i couldn't breath for an hour.
today is the 40 minute dvd and i think there is jumping involved. enough said.

anyway, i hope you are all perfect and loving spring as much as i am. xo.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

playing in the park

{rebecca and me}

{mikie, my dad and me}

{rebecca..i love this picture of her}

thank you to my friend etienne for taking such precious pics.

thank god for blue skies...

...and perfect romantic weekends at the lake.

....and screaming "charge" at the season home opener for the braves, while doing the wave with your friends and family, and eating large amounts of peanuts and drinking lots of good old american beer.

...and margaritas.

...and getting free tickets to the sold out vampire weekend concert because you know of an amazing hotel where they may or may not be staying.

...and celebrating 6 months of a marriage you are so proud to be in.

...while waiting for your mom to come in town for serious girl time and shopping.

...and purchasing jack johnson summer tour tickets (this completes me).

thank god for blue skies.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dear fish, we would have thrown you back

{perfect easter with husband at the lake}

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