Sunday, February 2, 2014

life lately

i know you heard...atlanta completely fell apart this week. two inches of snow and our city was completely gridlocked. thank goodness for us, mikie was home with skylar tuesday and i was able to jump on a train so we were both home with a glass of wine by five o'clock. i can't say the same for countless other who were stranded on highways for hours and in some cases, over a day. i am very grateful i got home and was able to spend a couple of extra days in the snow with this little one.
who loved every second of it, by the way.
here's a little glimpse of our life this week.

some fun cards i got from sugar paper la. man i love good that wierd?
 like, this arrival made my entire week

the sprinkles cupcake atm is ruining my life. 

i have been going nuts over the paddington bear collection at gap kids. the cutest spring dresses for sky.

my current project: turning my office into a playroom. the toys we acquired over the holidays were taking over my house so we moved our office to our bedroom and above the beginnings of a playroom. my old self is crying over this very parental move. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

sometimes i cook: chicken noodle soup

what you need:
one large onion
four carrots
four celery stalks
twenty-eight ounce can whole tomatoes
one teaspoon sugar
two and a half cups chicken stock
one package wide egg noodles
cavender's greek seasoning
sea salt

cover chicken with water in large pot and bring to a boil. once water is boiling, change the temp to med-low and add diced onion, sliced carrots and sliced celery. once chicken is cooked (approximately  twenty minutes) remove from water and set aside. add diced tomatoes (i only use half of the can...if you can find good whole tomatoes in a smaller can, please for the love of god, let me know), sugar, cavendars (to taste - i use approximately one tablespoon), salt and pepper to taste and simmer for thirty minutes. once the chicken has cooled, shred it with a fork and add it back to the pot. Add the noodles and again, just simmer until the noodles are done and then do you know what you have? my husband's favorite meal. enjoy!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

sunday edition

hope you are having a great weekend and staying warm and cozy! 
it has been snuggle central over here and tonight it gets better... 
grammy red carpet tonight and chicken noodle soup. 
here are some things i am loving around the internet this week...xx

this microsoft commercial makes me so nostalgic, i love it!

waiting on martha's valentines day card round up is really best.

sweet accessories perfect for valentines day.

the most beautiful maternity photo shoot on layer cake-let.

debating between which pics i want to frame for skylar's bathroom. i love this roundup!

an interesting article about lena dunham's vogue photos.

kourtney k's kids rooms are ah-mazing. i am obsessed with the turquoise chandelier.

Saturday, January 25, 2014


{kate spade agenda + madewell heart pjs}

sometimes...all you want to do during nap time is lounge around in your heart pajamas, plan the future and pin things.

sometimes...sprinkles cupcakes opens right next to your work and you have had a bad week and you eat three cupcakes in one day. (can we please talk about the amazingness of sprinkles - holy. moly.) really do sound just like your mother. imagine your dream house if you won the lottery to help you get to sleep at night. (it's amazing, btw. i have a library...with a fireplace in it) spend way too much time filled with regret over only ordering two boxes of samoas rather than two hundred. dance to elmo's song with your toddler five times before breakfast. are awake at midnight and while everyone else is sleeping and totally creep around your house to stare at your little family and realize you really do have it all.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

sunday edition

all my girlfriends are pregnant right now or have just had babies. it's nuts. i love it. the other day i was talking with one of them, about the many crazy aspects of pregnancy and she asked me, "when do you feel like a mom?" the truth is - and maybe this was different for you...i didn't feel like a mom while i was pregnant. responsible for a tiny life? yes. but a "mom?" no. i didn't feel like a mom until i laid in the hospital bed, while my husband slept and it was just me and skylar...alone for the first time. when i realized (and quickly) that this person's life was in my hands.

as time goes by, the weight of motherhood has become larger than i ever imagined. especially now that skylar is mimicking mommy and daddy and understanding things we are saying. i find myself paranoid about the way i shape her life, and what the consequences of my actions (however minor they may be) are. but the thing is...its making me re-examine myself and the process is kind of beautiful. because let's face it, i enjoy nothing more that having aha moments. and also, i need to make sure skylar doesn't start swearing at age 2.

so that's it, just some ramblings on motherhood this cold sunday morning. xx.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

happy new years baby, zzzzzzz

ok fine, i'll admit it, we didn't stay up until midnight on new years. do you know what's sad? when you miss a call from YOUR PARENTS at midnight wishing you well because you have already been asleep for two hours. Does it help if I tell you we had colds. really, really bad colds. You know what though, I am not going to dwell on it. We still had a fun night at home. I put makeup on, I cooked, I danced, I drank champagne and I feel so good about this new year. I think you should too.

Here are a couple of little highlights of our night in...

 {i made these glitter mason jars and sticks last year and love to use them for all + any fun nights in}

 {kind of loving with these plates from anthropologie}

 {top knot! what!}

{my friend caitlin got me this fabulous plate from west elm...kind of obsessed}

{our list of resolutions for the year ahead}


Sunday, December 29, 2013

create a life you love.

i love this time of year, the cleanse, the start of something new. there is something just really special about the chance to change it all. as we wrap up 2013, there is a central theme i have spent a lot of time thinking about: i waste time...i don't spend enough of my time creating a life that i love. i am not doing things i am passionate about, that move me. so in adding to the existing list of resolutions remaining from years past, here's to changing the course of the path, making promises and keeping them and champagne, lots of champagne. 

p.s. in keeping with this theme, i'll try my best to ensure this isn't my yearly, hey it's new years post. xx

Friday, July 12, 2013

happy weekend!

{image via}

i hope you have a wonderful weekend. i have been in bed for two days with some mystery illness (feels like the flu but isn't the flu? help.) so i am praying i feel like a normal human being tomorrow and can enjoy some time with my girl. xx

some thing i am loving around the internet this week:

six things to do before summer passes you by.

before it's too late: the best summer sales.

charlotte olympia cosmic collection. shoes + clutches in all zodiac signs? yes, please.

signs you are a list maker (i am totally a list maker).

speaking of lists, i love this list of ways to be a better mom.

i feel like since i am a golfer's wife, this "tee-time" necklace should be mine, right?!

dear photograph, a neat collaboration of past + present

Wednesday, July 10, 2013



dear root cabernet sauvignon, you don't talk back and you don't give me hangovers therefore you are my new best friend.

dear geico hump day commercial, you make me love wednesdays. mike, mike, mike, mike, mike, mike, mike.

dear skylar, you just said "hi" and it was cute. then you started crying for no reason and it wasn't cute.
also, thanks for spitting your dinner out all over my face.

dear mosquitos, please stop. just stop.

dear bee, i feel really bad about your swollen preggo feet. remember when i told you about the aveda peppermint foot cream? i think it's time.

dear hot yoga, please be kind. be really, really kind.

dear santa at phipps plaza, if i am having to register for you in july... you better get skylar everything she asks for. just saying.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

celebrate: under the starry skies

{screen via sfgirlbybay, popcorn pillow via, string lights via target, popcorn cupcakes found here
popcorn bags via shop sweet lulu, beach chair via target, blanket via west elm, coca cola via turning point tumblr}

what could be better than getting your friends & family together for a movie night under the stars? 

here's how to set the scene:

screen: click here for instructions on making the perfect screen out of drop cloth
projector: did you know you could turn your iphone into a projector?! 

lighting: ambiance is everything. light candles (citronella if you live in the south) and hang outdoor string lights for a subtle effect. 

seating: use beach chairs...they are low to the ground, cheap and come in such fun colors. add cozy pillows + blankets like the ones shown above. 

snacks: what movie is complete without popcorn and coke. i love the vintage feel of these nostalgic paper bags and coca cola in a bottle. the cupcakes are such a fun touch too.

film: i picked annie because well...skylar and i love it. i mean really, who doesn't? (husband doesn't).