Saturday, January 25, 2014


{kate spade agenda + madewell heart pjs}

sometimes...all you want to do during nap time is lounge around in your heart pajamas, plan the future and pin things.

sometimes...sprinkles cupcakes opens right next to your work and you have had a bad week and you eat three cupcakes in one day. (can we please talk about the amazingness of sprinkles - holy. moly.) really do sound just like your mother. imagine your dream house if you won the lottery to help you get to sleep at night. (it's amazing, btw. i have a library...with a fireplace in it) spend way too much time filled with regret over only ordering two boxes of samoas rather than two hundred. dance to elmo's song with your toddler five times before breakfast. are awake at midnight and while everyone else is sleeping and totally creep around your house to stare at your little family and realize you really do have it all.


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