Tuesday, November 29, 2011


{via pearls and peonies}

hope you are having a great week.
i for one, am suffering the post-holiday blahs.
the rain doesn't help.
but do you know what does?
peppermint bark.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


{thanksgiving 2010}

here is a little pic from this time last year.
we cooked our first thanksgiving dinner at home.
i am never doing that again.
i am also never wearing my hair that way again.

and, in no particular order, a list of things i am thankful for...

warm apple cider, pumpkin bread
nightly chats with my mom
my little family you saw that one coming
my j. crew sweats and comfy cabin socks
jack johnson's christmas album downloaded and ready for me to press play on nov. 26
sweet texts from friends i will miss seeing at home this week
the excuse "eating for two"
macy's thanksgiving day parade
breaking dawn has anyone seen? thoughts?
dogs that love to snuggle

Sunday, November 20, 2011

sweet & sour

{via luxefinds}

the sweet:
- our new sunday morning ritual including a fire in the fireplace, coffees, and saved by the bell reruns. i love me some zach morris.

- the aveda peppermint foot cream my hairstylist gave me yesterday. it's life changing.

- four more days until we leave for pittsburgh. the land where pepperoni rolls exist. pepperoni rolls from our uncle's deli. please food gods let pepperoni rolls be my pregnancy craving. i'm bringing a cooler just in case.

- wearing my new boots to the grocery store just because it was cold out. knowing that if a snow storm were to suddenly hit i would be able to kick it's ass.

- golden retrievers dressed as pilgrims.

the sour:
- went to pay for my hair appointment, no debit card. had to run to the bank to get cash, bank was closed. had to drive thirty miles to go get husbands debit card. my debit card was in my coat pocket the whole time. pregnancy brain.....grr.

- the awkward way people look at you when they can't tell if you are pregnant or just fat. yes, that's a baby in there. no, i have not had 500 too many hamburgers.

- three people i know are on cruises right now. jealous. jealous. jealous.

- husband on wednesday night: that doesn't even look like your body. wait, what does that mean????

Friday, November 18, 2011

friday faves

{via elise* cake}

well happy friday! if you are like me you are already in thanksgiving mode and nothing is more important than food. well, maybe that is just pregnancy mode. it's all the same. i hope you have a great weekend! i will be finishing up christmas shopping for my in-laws and preparing for our trip up to pittsburgh to see them next week. oh, and maybe even going through christmas decorations. i adore the holidays!

here are some of my favorites from around the web this week:

saturday night live adele skit. i just love this.

63 reasons why bradley cooper is not the sexiest man alive

kate spade cheers necklace. ooh-la-la too.

this photo booth proposal.

cute holiday cards via oh so beautiful paper.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

we have news...


...we are having a B A B Y ! ! !

we have been so excited to share our news.
and tell you that we are the happiest we have ever been.
that this bump has been a while in the making.
and we feel so grateful that the time is here.
that we have certainly been feeling the love.
and we can't wait to meet this little one...on may 5th, 2012.

(oh, and just so you know...i had every intention of being all creative and posting a cute pic...but the truth is, i haven't gotten out of my pj's in four months. much less put on makeup. so while i promise a cute pregnancy pic soon, today was just not the day. you understand, right?)

Monday, November 7, 2011

dear husband,

i love you more every day.
happy second anniversary.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

the best/worst purchase i have ever made.

{image via jcrew.com}

aren't these boots perfect for snow days and icy conditions.
i know...they completely are.
i just bought them. i love them.
never mind that i live in the south,
where we are lucky if we get an ice storm once a year.
husband is going to kill me.
oh god.


so...happy sunday. oh and guess what? we are in the atlanta paper today. what we thought was going to be an article on our homebuilders has turned out to be a full page spread on how we found our house on craigslist. so embarrassing...oh and don't worry, they managed to capture me at my most unflattering angle ever. so there is that. we did go out for yummy brunch this morning at sweet melissas and are now back in bed snuggled up. well, we were...husband is now back turned and snoring away. oh the life of a celebrity. xx

p.s. i will be back to regular blogging this week. i have a good excuse. no really...i do :)

p.p.s is anyone else completely obsessed with pinterest? ob-sessed i tell you. here is mine.