Saturday, February 25, 2012

lately we have been...

{obsessing over anything strawberry}
{road tripping}
{smiling a whole lot}
{having delicious dinners at our favorite spots}
{with our favorite friends}
{doing lots and lots of lounging}
{and receiving the cutest surprises in the mail} 
{all while we prepare for our lives to change in amazing ways}

Sunday, February 12, 2012

hello lovers.

{image via}

husband wants to me to stop pinning things so he can do taxes. 
but before i surrender the laptop...
i just wanted to share this photo making the rounds...
getting me completely in the mood for valentines day.
i just really love love.

have a great week!

Monday, February 6, 2012

dear february 14th,

these things would make you well, really just perfect. 

1. smythson notebooks
2. hearts galore
3. voluspa candle
4. anthropologie clouded morning set
5. the vow movie
7. adorable cards from sugar paper
8. sea salt caramels from dylan's candy bar


i hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the super bowl festivities. 
we went over to a friends house and i ate everything in sight. 
here are a few snapshots from my world lately. xx.

the j.crew bubble necklace just makes me so happy.

i am so grateful for friends and family that love and support us through all these huge milestones in our life. so excited to spend time with all of them at our baby showers. feeling very blessed 
and beyond excited to see everyone in the next few weeks.

cooking with the pioneer woman! man, i love ree drummond. i made her layer dip for the superbowl. The best part - I finally found the perfect guacamole recipe. I want to swim in it. the recipe is here

odds and ends for baby girl. shoes from baby gap, books and frame from anthropologie. here's to hoping my obsessions with shoes and london carry on to my daughter. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


{image via}
the sweet:
-husband painted the baby room and it made me love him even more. there is just something really cute about him getting his little girls room ready. tear.

-getting asked to be a bridesmaid in my friend caitlin's wedding via the cutest little personalized card. even sweeter, the nice comments she made about me on her website. soul mates.

-thank you food gods for picking the one fat free candy in the world to be my food craving. swedish fish, i love you.

-february! three more months to go people, let's do this.

the sour:
-the ugly cries i had while watching 50/50 the other night. you know the ones...brutal.

-i told my mom that i would be a bridesmaid in september (4 months post pregnancy). her comment: "well, there is always one fat bridesmaid." followed by the sound of her cracking up at her own joke. i think that's enough said.

-the two year waitlists at daycares in atlanta:
me: "um, so when do people typically get on this waitlist?"
lady: "before they are pregnant"
me: "is that normal?"
lady: "well around here you have to be prepared"
me: "i see"
you guys, i am failing at parenting already!