Tuesday, December 27, 2011

for auld lang syne

New Years Eve Pinboard
...and that's a wrap on christmas! i hope yours was everything you dreamed of. 
here are a couple of things getting me really excited for new years!!

1. OPI Rainbow Connection Nail Polish
2. Cheers Coasters
3. Kate Spade Glitter Shoes
4. Photo Booth Props
5. Festive Cupcakes (stars can be found at michael's)
6. Sofia Champagne
7. Tory Burch Sequined Mini Dress
8. Scalloped Gold Glasses

Saturday, December 24, 2011

on dasher, on dancer, on prancer, on vixen.

fire, christmas music, sugar cookies, apple cider, wrapping presents, 
candlelight service, the griswold's, vino, lights galore, pizza and family, family, family...
hello christmas eve...i love you.

merry christmas friends. xx

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

happy birthday husband!!


i just really love you. 
thirty years old and all.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

my favorite christmas movie forever.

can we just talk about how christmas is officially one week away. i love that every time i turn on the tv there is a different christmas movie on. my favorite christmas movie forever is national lampoon's christmas vacation. (husbands too). we have already watched it once and it has become a tradition to watch it christmas eve with the family. nothing makes me laugh like when
aunt bethany says the pledge of allegiance instead of grace. 
also on my list of must watch movies at christmastime:
white christmas (but only with my mom) and home alone. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

sweet & sour

the sweet:
- this weekend! it's going to be so much fun. tonight we go to callaway gardens to drink the best (no really, it's the best) hot chocolate and see all the christmas lights our little hearts desire, then saturday off to husbands holiday party. sidenote: the food is always so good at this holiday party, and seeing as i can't drink...let's face it, the food is all i have.

- realizing that although i have been complaining an awful lot, i am probably going to look back at some point and miss this time in our lives...our first baby. it's just so cool.

- the mini beach boys concert that took place in our bathroom the other morning. full blown rendition of "kokomo."

- holiday cards arriving in the mail every day. i love mail.

the sour:
- not being able to have cocktails at holiday parties. (bet you saw that one coming) although i did get a little crazy and drink sprite last night. look. out.

- french fries for lunch twice this week. my boss just looks at me and shakes his head. oops.

- this 70 degree weather we have been having. not christmast-y. and although kind of lovely, unacceptable.

- running into copy machines. running into file cabinets. running into walls. running into everything.

have a great weekend friends. xx.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

it's a...


we are so in love with her already. xx.

Monday, December 12, 2011

coconut macaroons are the way to my heart.


..and apparently to husbands. i seriously can. not. believe. how delicious and easy this was. 
and i am a terrible baker. really, just terrible. 
i used this recipe from ina garten and added the chocolate at the end. 
chocolate covered macaroons and love actually...the perfect sunday night. cheers!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

all i want for christmas is you, and you, and you...

Christmas Wish List

just a little glimpse at what is on my list this year. xx

1. stereolux retro ipod player
2. tory burch logo wrap bracelet
3. frankie magazine daily journal
4. savannah bee company royal jelly body butter
5. kate spade iphone case
6. urban outfitters zig zag rug
7. archipelago botanicals bergamot tobacco candle
8. essie glitter nail polish
9. marc jacobs eliza baby bag
10. kate spade ooh la la necklace

Friday, December 9, 2011

friday favorites

{via hello hello design}

hooray for the best day of the week.
and it couldn't come at a better time...because after a crazy week of sneezes and coughs, me and life are bff again. i got amazing news from one of my best friends, am having lunch with my momma today, and i am going to completely overlook the fact that i have to take a driver safety class tomorrow (it's true..i am a very bad driver) and enjoy the snuggle weather that has finally come our way.
have a great weekend. xx.

here are some of my favorites from around the web this week:

christmas gift guides, i love them. my favorites are here and here.

alphabet rings. great little thank you for not having a cocktail for 9 months. (oh, hey husband)

and while we are talking about jewels, spike the punch necklaces are my current obsession.

trader joe's cookie butter...enough said.

diy ornament chandelier via you are my fave.

how drunk can you get at your office party?

watercolor wedding invitations.

oh so beautiful paper's holiday card round up: parts 1234

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

reverse psychology

{via kate spade tumblr}

i'm not at home sick today with the worst cold of my life.
nope, no sir.
i am shopping in new york city.
(doesn't that just sound so much better, i'm gonna go with it)

have a great tuesday. stay away from the sick people. (they are everywhere) xx.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

oh, hey christmas

i may have made some new purchases for christmas this year.

want to see? okay!

My creation

1. felt wreath, west elm
2. stars galore, pottery barn
3. bambi, pottery barn (one guess whats in there)
4. my new boyfriend (and keeper of the cookies), pottery barn

sweet & sour

{via scouts honor co}

the sweet:
- dove peppermint bark. i am obsessed i tell you. ob-sessed.

- cold weather has finally arrived in atlanta! there was ice on my windows this week, ice! cabin socks, meet ugg boots. you two will be great friends.

- a surprise visit from mikie's best friend and guitar sessions in my living room on a saturday night.

- i think, no i am sure i made my best batch of chili yet this week. victory is mine.

- christmas lights are going up outside the house today and then we will be fully ready for the holidays! i am making peppermint chocolate chip cookies today and my plan for tonight is to cuddle up with my man, throw in christmas vacation and give the season a giant hug.

the sour:
- my belly button is enormous. like, i am pretty sure i could lose something in there. pregnancy is so strange.

- i am a bad driver. i get lots of tickets. husband is mad. so is the city of atlanta so they are sending me to drivers school next weekend. tear.

- watching people's divorce play out on facebook. this couple in particular seems to get back together once a week so it is just a sad sad display of emotions for all the world to see. but i'll admit, i can't stop watching.

- i had a hot flash in our morning standup at work the other day and had to leave the room. not before i turned a pale shade of white and was fanning myself incessantly. fun times.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

glitter christmas lyrics on the wall...yes please.

{via katies pencil box}

guess what this crafty girl will be doing this weekend.
i love this idea. and i love that she even gives you the template.
makes it so easy, no?

get the directions, here.