Sunday, December 4, 2011

sweet & sour

{via scouts honor co}

the sweet:
- dove peppermint bark. i am obsessed i tell you. ob-sessed.

- cold weather has finally arrived in atlanta! there was ice on my windows this week, ice! cabin socks, meet ugg boots. you two will be great friends.

- a surprise visit from mikie's best friend and guitar sessions in my living room on a saturday night.

- i think, no i am sure i made my best batch of chili yet this week. victory is mine.

- christmas lights are going up outside the house today and then we will be fully ready for the holidays! i am making peppermint chocolate chip cookies today and my plan for tonight is to cuddle up with my man, throw in christmas vacation and give the season a giant hug.

the sour:
- my belly button is enormous. like, i am pretty sure i could lose something in there. pregnancy is so strange.

- i am a bad driver. i get lots of tickets. husband is mad. so is the city of atlanta so they are sending me to drivers school next weekend. tear.

- watching people's divorce play out on facebook. this couple in particular seems to get back together once a week so it is just a sad sad display of emotions for all the world to see. but i'll admit, i can't stop watching.

- i had a hot flash in our morning standup at work the other day and had to leave the room. not before i turned a pale shade of white and was fanning myself incessantly. fun times.

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Violet Tinder said...

i love your "sweet and sour" lists... such a cute idea!
Violet Tinder
p.s. the nail polish color is "bahama mama" by essie!