Tuesday, June 26, 2012

my island favorites


we are heading to my hometown this week, hilton head island. believe me, i know i am extremely lucky to call this place home...i love how people are like, people actually live there?! so cute. but i think what people don't realize is that the food in hilton head is seriously good. in fact, as soon as mikie and i plan a trip down we make our mental list of must have food items. And seeing as i am continuously asked for good restaurant suggestions by friends and co-workers going there on vacay, i figured i might as well compile a little list of our favorites. 

santa fe cafe southwestern cuisine. i seriously go here every time i come home for one thing only...the chimichangas. and the margaritas of course. they have an outside terrace and an adorable little man playing spanish songs on the guitar. perfect spot to meet friends.

stu's surf side this is husband's pick. he always hits this place up for their calibogue sandwich, it's the number 18....and a new stu's koozie (we seriously have like 50 of them).

hinoki sushi!! in fact, my favorite sushi anywhere. i have scoured atlanta for anything comparable and truly...there is nothing as good. pretty much every local is in love with the tuna carpaccio from this place. i heart hinoki.

frankie bones i used to work here so of course it's on my list of favorites - i crave this food more than any other. i could shed a tear over the meatballs. it has a swanky little rat pack theme and is kid friendly. make sure someone at your table gets the coffee spiced ribeye. trust.

hilton head ice cream only listed because i am addicted to their oreo ice cream. they were closed when i was visiting while pregnant and i thought life was over.

black marlin and sunrise cafe my two favorite breakfast spots. they are located right next to each other and honestly it is a debate every sunday i am home because on one hand, sunrise has my favorite breakfast burrito of life and on the other hand, black marlin has the best three dollar bloody mary's. i know, toughest decision of life. did i mention water views....

amigo's yep, mexican. i used to go here every friday after school and get the chicken quesadilla. i have moved on to a bbq chicken salad obsession. there are two locations so its pretty much a can't miss every time i am home, and often times a to go order for the ride back to atl.

other favorites include truffles, new york city pizza, sage room and old fort pub.

great, now i'm hungry.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

with love from sunday

sometimes i have moments like these. when my hair has been stuck in a towel for two hours, when the tv is on the golf channel and i can't reach the remote, when i am a combination of starving and sleep deprived. but...its sunday afternoon and the two loves of my life are here. one snoring away to my right and the other cozied up on my chest.
and i am the happiest i have ever been.

Friday, June 22, 2012

we're havin' a heat wave....

{image via etsy}

even though i have no idea what day it is...i do know one thing for sure...summer is officially here. and although things are a little different this time around, i plan to fully embrace my favorite time of year. below...my summer hit list. all the things i would like to do this summer, that is...as soon as i stop looking like i just got off a flight from antartica.

pinot grigio and mussels at jct kitchen*
take skylar to see the ocean
camp or glamp
ride my bike
make popsicles
breakfast and coffee at the park
oreo ice cream at hilton head ice cream
outdoor concert
wear lots of bright nail polish
float in the lake

*i love how the first thing on my list is alcohol related, typical

Thursday, June 14, 2012


my friend kelly told me years ago, before babies were even on the radar, that the sound and sight of your husband with your child is pure magic and that you will fall in love all over again. over the years that really stuck with me and let me tell you ladies, it really is true. there really is nothing better in this world that seeing how much mikie loves our child, and even better, is hearing him   have conversations with her in his baby voice. it is...pure magic.

happy first father's day husband. xx