Friday, July 12, 2013

happy weekend!

{image via}

i hope you have a wonderful weekend. i have been in bed for two days with some mystery illness (feels like the flu but isn't the flu? help.) so i am praying i feel like a normal human being tomorrow and can enjoy some time with my girl. xx

some thing i am loving around the internet this week:

six things to do before summer passes you by.

before it's too late: the best summer sales.

charlotte olympia cosmic collection. shoes + clutches in all zodiac signs? yes, please.

signs you are a list maker (i am totally a list maker).

speaking of lists, i love this list of ways to be a better mom.

i feel like since i am a golfer's wife, this "tee-time" necklace should be mine, right?!

dear photograph, a neat collaboration of past + present

Wednesday, July 10, 2013



dear root cabernet sauvignon, you don't talk back and you don't give me hangovers therefore you are my new best friend.

dear geico hump day commercial, you make me love wednesdays. mike, mike, mike, mike, mike, mike, mike.

dear skylar, you just said "hi" and it was cute. then you started crying for no reason and it wasn't cute.
also, thanks for spitting your dinner out all over my face.

dear mosquitos, please stop. just stop.

dear bee, i feel really bad about your swollen preggo feet. remember when i told you about the aveda peppermint foot cream? i think it's time.

dear hot yoga, please be kind. be really, really kind.

dear santa at phipps plaza, if i am having to register for you in july... you better get skylar everything she asks for. just saying.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

celebrate: under the starry skies

{screen via sfgirlbybay, popcorn pillow via, string lights via target, popcorn cupcakes found here
popcorn bags via shop sweet lulu, beach chair via target, blanket via west elm, coca cola via turning point tumblr}

what could be better than getting your friends & family together for a movie night under the stars? 

here's how to set the scene:

screen: click here for instructions on making the perfect screen out of drop cloth
projector: did you know you could turn your iphone into a projector?! 

lighting: ambiance is everything. light candles (citronella if you live in the south) and hang outdoor string lights for a subtle effect. 

seating: use beach chairs...they are low to the ground, cheap and come in such fun colors. add cozy pillows + blankets like the ones shown above. 

snacks: what movie is complete without popcorn and coke. i love the vintage feel of these nostalgic paper bags and coca cola in a bottle. the cupcakes are such a fun touch too.

film: i picked annie because well...skylar and i love it. i mean really, who doesn't? (husband doesn't).

sunday edition

{photo of india hicks and her daughter, domino}

lately skylar has been talking. ok, talking might not be the right word, more like a yodeling sound with a few random consonants throughout. but when she "talks" my heart breaks about a thousand times because well, it's the cutest thing ever, but also...i realize how quickly she is growing up. and that soon these adorable sounds will be replaced with actual words. and then she's a teenager. i am just really trying to take in every moment of the day with her. we are so in love.

hope you all are having a beautiful sunday. the rain has finally stopped so we are heading outdoors!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

it rained on the fourth and it's still raining now...

{obsessed with my tank. the front says "running the world since 1776"}

hope you had a happy fourth of july. i think it's fitting that the above reflects my oven and my tank, which pretty much sums up my holiday. rain. all. day. but i'm not bitter people! i made a super awesome dinner (pimento cheeseburgers, sweet potato fries, grilled corn and tomato salad, and these super yummy lemon blueberry cakes). we cooked, danced and drank our way through the dreary holiday and were in bed asleep by 8. 
cheers to next year?!?!