Sunday, May 20, 2012

a blind man could see how much i love you.

Skylar Grace Haddick
May 10, 2012

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the baby that won't come out. the mom that keeps on eating. the sanity that went missing. the husband that is a saint.

i think its important to note that i am one of the least patient people on the planet. so when that little due date came and went last saturday...the insanity went into full gear. that being said, i know that she will arrive when she's good and ready and there is little i can do about it so despite the long walks, yard work, spicy food, etc. i have resigned to settling in for a good movie marathon and try to keep the crazy to a minimum.

so while i have some time on my hands, i thought i would share my pregnancy life-savers. the items that have been in heavy rotation in my life for the past nine months and that i couldn't have done without.

1. savannah bee company royal jelly body butter by some grace of god i have completely escaped stretch marks on my stomach. being prone to stretch marks (see: thighs) i can only believe that this body butter, which i have slathered on every night for nine months is my savior. the best part is that one jar lasts forever...i went through only three my entire pregnancy. i really can't say enough about this stuff, its just the best.

2. peach flavored sparkling water my pregnant friend emily introduced me to this stuff a few months ago and since then i have been completely addicted. being limited to water (and coffee, don't tell) really gets boring and this has been my lifesaver in the beverage department. i dream of the day i can add vodka.

3. aveda foot relief holy. amazingness. let me preface this by saying i have an awesome husband who have given me foot rubs pretty often and rarely complained. (i said rarely, not never). he gave me this lotion for christmas and it smells like peppermint and feels like complete heaven. i think half the reason he is so willing to rub my feet is that he likes how it smells.

4. splendid black leggings my uniform for the past months has largely consisted of these leggings and various tanks/tees. i have worn these so much that mine have holes in them now. but seriously, these are the most comfortable leggings you will ever own. and if you love yourself, you will get these and never look back.

5. j.crew cabin socks again with the comfort factor. listen...its all i have. just buy 500 pairs of cabin socks like i did and call it a day. see above pic for reference.

okay...back to bad tv and constant obsessing. xx.