Friday, December 16, 2011

sweet & sour

the sweet:
- this weekend! it's going to be so much fun. tonight we go to callaway gardens to drink the best (no really, it's the best) hot chocolate and see all the christmas lights our little hearts desire, then saturday off to husbands holiday party. sidenote: the food is always so good at this holiday party, and seeing as i can't drink...let's face it, the food is all i have.

- realizing that although i have been complaining an awful lot, i am probably going to look back at some point and miss this time in our lives...our first baby. it's just so cool.

- the mini beach boys concert that took place in our bathroom the other morning. full blown rendition of "kokomo."

- holiday cards arriving in the mail every day. i love mail.

the sour:
- not being able to have cocktails at holiday parties. (bet you saw that one coming) although i did get a little crazy and drink sprite last night. look. out.

- french fries for lunch twice this week. my boss just looks at me and shakes his head. oops.

- this 70 degree weather we have been having. not christmast-y. and although kind of lovely, unacceptable.

- running into copy machines. running into file cabinets. running into walls. running into everything.

have a great weekend friends. xx.


Kylee Noelle {blog} said...

New reader here! 70 degree weather?! That's crazy! I can't imagine having it be warm in December in the NW. We hardly made it to 70 this summer :)

--Kylee Noelle

Linda H said...

love these posts!

Johanna said...

Enjoy this moment! I remember not drinking last's weird but let me tell'll make up for it. Congrats!