Wednesday, February 1, 2012


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the sweet:
-husband painted the baby room and it made me love him even more. there is just something really cute about him getting his little girls room ready. tear.

-getting asked to be a bridesmaid in my friend caitlin's wedding via the cutest little personalized card. even sweeter, the nice comments she made about me on her website. soul mates.

-thank you food gods for picking the one fat free candy in the world to be my food craving. swedish fish, i love you.

-february! three more months to go people, let's do this.

the sour:
-the ugly cries i had while watching 50/50 the other night. you know the ones...brutal.

-i told my mom that i would be a bridesmaid in september (4 months post pregnancy). her comment: "well, there is always one fat bridesmaid." followed by the sound of her cracking up at her own joke. i think that's enough said.

-the two year waitlists at daycares in atlanta:
me: "um, so when do people typically get on this waitlist?"
lady: "before they are pregnant"
me: "is that normal?"
lady: "well around here you have to be prepared"
me: "i see"
you guys, i am failing at parenting already!


Fabrizia said...

This is so nice!!! Cool post!

Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

Natalie said...

what!? you have to get on the daycare waitlist before you are pregnant in atlanta? how do you even do that? there are sooo many things i am unprepared for! ugh.

ginanorma said...

Really cute idea, the Sweet/Sour, I love it!
Oh I have 50/50 here to watch for Friday night, I can't wait! But the tears are that painful, huh?!

Cute post!

Rachel said...

What I would not give for a bag of Swedish Fish right now...

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

This is great post!!

That is kerrr-azeee about the childcare centre. I'd say that you're DEFINITELY passing at parenting if you think it's crazy too - not a fail at all!!

And as for the bridesmaid comment? Grrr...


Hannah said...

Oh no, mean comment about being a bridesmaid- I'm sure you'll look awesome!

I really need some sweets now!

Hailey said...

WOW that is crazy. 4 months post pregnancy is enough that your body can change dramatically. So don't sweat it and just enjoy everything. I'm sure you will look beautiful!

The Tiny Closet said...

Great post. Love the necklace. You are so lucky that you are only craving Sedish Fish!