Monday, February 6, 2012


i hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the super bowl festivities. 
we went over to a friends house and i ate everything in sight. 
here are a few snapshots from my world lately. xx.

the j.crew bubble necklace just makes me so happy.

i am so grateful for friends and family that love and support us through all these huge milestones in our life. so excited to spend time with all of them at our baby showers. feeling very blessed 
and beyond excited to see everyone in the next few weeks.

cooking with the pioneer woman! man, i love ree drummond. i made her layer dip for the superbowl. The best part - I finally found the perfect guacamole recipe. I want to swim in it. the recipe is here

odds and ends for baby girl. shoes from baby gap, books and frame from anthropologie. here's to hoping my obsessions with shoes and london carry on to my daughter. 


Lafashionfolie said...

what a beautiful J.Crew necklace!

A burst of sunshine for any outfit.

Sophie x

ginanorma said...

adorable post adorable you!

that dip looks fab! but i clicked on the link and couldn't find the guac recipe. I have a great one but am always open to trying new ones!

Hannah said...

Wow the necklace is amazing!