Sunday, November 6, 2011


so...happy sunday. oh and guess what? we are in the atlanta paper today. what we thought was going to be an article on our homebuilders has turned out to be a full page spread on how we found our house on craigslist. so embarrassing...oh and don't worry, they managed to capture me at my most unflattering angle ever. so there is that. we did go out for yummy brunch this morning at sweet melissas and are now back in bed snuggled up. well, we were...husband is now back turned and snoring away. oh the life of a celebrity. xx

p.s. i will be back to regular blogging this week. i have a good excuse. no really...i do :)

p.p.s is anyone else completely obsessed with pinterest? ob-sessed i tell you. here is mine.

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gina said...

Omygoodness! Hahahaha that is awesome actually!! You are hysterically funny!!!