Thursday, July 12, 2012

things i never did until you came along...

{skylar, two months}

cared about traditions

needed a night light to sleep

knew what a binky was
{still am a little unclear}

ate so many meals standing up  

realized how awesome sound machines are

thought so much about my boobs

thought so much about doing a situp
{really need to get on that}

cried out of concern

sanitized um, everything

and for the record...i love every crazy moment of it.


Shelly, of The Daisy Diaries! said...

I swear she is the most precious little thing! Cute as a button!
Your blog is adorable to btw!
xo shelly

Eskimo Kisses said...

aw shes adorable! and i love this list, haha. things to look forward to i guess ;)

i love your blog ps!