Saturday, August 13, 2011

if i could have one superpower....

i would be able to teleport myself
anywhere i wanted.

this morning, i would have gone to my friend caitlin's house in des moines.

i wouldn't even have bothered with brushing my teeth or changing out of my pajamas.

i would just pop over for coffee talk.
and maybe some breakfast if she
felt like making me something.
i'm sure her boyfriend jake wouldn't mind.

i guess until then our saturday morning coffee talks via phone will have to do. but i sure wish iowa didn't have to be so far.

p.s. how cute are these state prints by onecanoetwo. perfect gifts for your long lost friends.

1 comment:

jen byard said...

Those prints are so cute! I've left friends behind in two states now so this post rings true to me!