Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Weekend!

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what a summer this has been! so far we have traveled to charleston, hilton head, pensacola, west virginia, charlotte, lake wedowee and raleigh. i have been to two bachelorette parties and three weddings. i have changed jobs twice. i truly feel like summer should be over already...but oh my gosh, we haven't even gotten through august! luckily i am planning on spending the entire month in my little bungalow in atl. i may not even move from this couch. ever. hope you are all enjoying your summer too! here are a few of my favorites of late. xx

miu miu glitter booties

"a pool of sexy"

the best wedding invites i've seen

my kind of cornhole

jen's note to the universe

a little glance at fall fashion
(if you know my essie obsession you know i am dying over this green)

an announcement from my favorite

zzzzzzzzzzzz (i'm tired, that's me sleeping)

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