Tuesday, June 8, 2010


{husband on hhi bridge}

4:40 leave for hilton head
4:45 husband is asleep
6:15 stop for root beer
8:30 dinner with favorites at frankie bones
9:15 coffee spice ribeye
10:30 nighttime chat with mom
11:00 zzzzzzzzzz
7:30 morning chat with mom
8:15 cappucino (yum)
9:30 latte (yum)
10:00 beach time
11:00 make plans for life with husband
12:00 pick up new furniture
12:30 bbq chicken salad at amigos!
1:00 on the road again
3:45 singing 'life is a highway' at top of lungs
5:00 home sweet home

and that's how you do a road trip in 24 hours.

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