Thursday, June 17, 2010

matthew heller

this is molly sims nyc apartment.
it was in in style years ago.
but i still thing about it all the time.
because i love music. and art.
and matthew heller's "homage to music" series
is the best of both.

{homage to music, request #12, don't stop believin by matthew heller}

{homage to music, request #9, one by matthew heller}

you can fall in love with more of these here.

side note: when you go to his website, please appreciate how much matthew heller looks like the guy from clueless...right?!


Anonymous said...


Krystal said...

wow, that music homage is so awesome, what a good idea!

Coco said...

You know what's terribly embarrassing? Only just realising that Don't Stop Believing didn't originate on Glee. ahahaha.