Thursday, June 10, 2010

dear traffic,

you lied to me.
you told me that when school got out you wouldn't be so bad.
that i could get through the fall, winter and spring
solely based on the promise that for three whole months
i wouldn't be forced into a bad place so early in the morning.
traffic, i don't think we can be friends any longer.

side note: how jealous are you guys of atlanta traffic right now, isn't this insane?


knk said...

nice old picture its really cool

amynicole said...

i don't like traffic either. after living on an island for a while it's hard to visit the mainland or just be in traffic in general. it's crazy! good luck out there! and thanks for visiting my blog! i love the wedding picture you have on the right! so beautiful and happy!

Anonymous said...

Oh - no fun! I got stuck in traffic today and yelled at absolutely no one who could hear me for a ridiculous amount of time. Yeah...

Farah said...

i hate traffic, such a waste of time!!