Saturday, May 15, 2010


so of course, right on the tails of a wonderful week,
comes one that runs you over like a freight train.
life is funny.

as i work to get out from underneath a less than dreamy mind frame
i think i will take a minute and share with you all what's really good right now.
so that i can remind myself too.

1. golfers.
mikie has been promoted to head pro....
and on sunday he leaves to go down to sunny florida for the last part of his pga program.
passing this final test will be the end of a long and challenging road for him and i wish i could be there to see the exhale he takes when it is all finished. what a great moment that will be.

2. chicago.
this is one of my favorite places in the world. every year myself and three of my favorites, including my mom make this trip to say hello to the city we love, and pack on a few lbs of lou malnati's pizza. some of my favorite memories are from this trip and and seeing as i leave for it on could not come at a better time.

3. thirty.
on the 29th i will be thirty. i have long dreaded this event and the fact that in the past year alone my body has shouted loudly that it is moving right along has not helped. but i believe i am finally coming to terms with this occassion and it's because i am right where i want to be. not everything is perfect. but i am happy. i am married to the man i am madly in love with. i have a job that although made me want to drown in a sea of red bull this week, i love. my family, my friends....they are the best and growing and doing amazing things in their own lives. and most importantly, i am learning and growing in my own. so bring it on thirty...i am ready for you.


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