Sunday, January 3, 2010

its not cool to say hot-lanta...

...or so i hear

we have lived in atlanta
(well, we actually live in senoia which isn't really atlanta but for storys sake...)
for almost two years now and there is a lot we haven't done
but...we will this year...probably
here are the top things on my list:

1. georgia aquarium...the worlds largest. can't believe we haven't been

2. top of stone mountain...again and without stopping halfway and saying to mikie through sobs "i'd rather die than keep going." yes...i cried at stone mountain. i can't believe he still married me.

3. here and here and here

sidenote: i am still awake and husband didn't yell at me once for turning on the tv at 2am or rustling in bed for four hours this morning...he is a saint.

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