Sunday, January 31, 2010

these days...

{...i am here}

i am really excited to have a day off and rest up
because next week everything i have been working on
will happen.
and this is the best part of what i do.

i work for this really pretty boutique hotel in midtown atlanta.
when i started here i was an executive assistant
but someone must have know that i love planning
because now i am the conference services manager
which basically means that once a company realizes
how fabulous our hotel is
i plan all aspects of their event.

sometimes this is for baby groups.
and sometimes this is for very big groups.
judging by the lack of posting this week
i think you might have an idea which one i am working on now.
(its the biggest we have had)
and when it all comes together
it is really rewarding...

and even though my mental health is on the line
and i have spend the better part of the week complaining about how tired i am
and husband wonders if i am ever coming home...
i remember how lucky i am to do something i love.

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CAPow! said...

your job sounds AMAZING! you are very lucky!