Thursday, June 13, 2013

sweet & sour

the sweet:
the realization that a new jack johnson song came out. the race between me and husband afterward to see who could download it first. (i won, duh).

sometimes when i hold my baby, she pats me on the back to let me know everything is okay. man that girl gets me.

realizing the salt water and the sea are only seven short days away.

lemon ricotta pancakes...i want to stop talking about them, but i just can't.

my nightly ritual of picking up toys, books, kitchen utensils and anything else skylar has gotten into throughout the day. makes me really feel like a mom. makes me feel really happy.

the sour: 
my dvr cutting off the last ten minutes of the season final of game of thrones. noooooooooooooooooo.

the swimsuit situation.

accidentally buying an $8 fathers day card at target. they make cards that are $8!?

letting my kid play with the sugar packets at a restaurant to keep her from having a full blown breakdown. as a former server, this is a full circle moment people. i would like to note that i did put the sugar packets back in the container in color coordinated order. thank yew.

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