Friday, March 5, 2010

i have serious hair envy...

first, some history.... i really love my bangs. they are my signature. i will never be without them.

sometimes, bangs get a little too long and i decide in a former life i was a hairstylist. i cut bangs...its a disaster and frantic calls are made to real life hairstylist. (this happens quite often, and no, i never learn from my mistakes)

monday guessed it..frantic calls are made to hairstylist. hairstylist is booked. have to go to new hairstylist. new hairstylist decided i look better as a porcupine. tears ensue.

and can we just say, that if you get a bad bang cut, there is not one thing that can be done girls. nothing.

but it is okay, because i have found solace while hiding out in this haircut.

this is jessie baylin. she is seriously talented and new found favorite musician/wearer of perfect bangs. i think i am going to try and pull this off. i mean, i love her that's all.

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