Thursday, February 18, 2010

small confessions...

my mother recently reminded me that i turn thirty this year...
in which i in turn reminded myself that it is alright because
i still act like i a teenager.
the evidence?

i dvr four shows on the cw: one tree hill, life unexpected, gossip girl, vampire diaries, and oh wait, melrose place...shoot thats five.

i want to boy talk, like, all the time.

i still use "like" in most conversations. my mom still corrects me.

i read all the twilight books and loved them. ok, since we are being honest, i read them all twice. no shame.

i say "omg" and when i am really excited "omg omg omg omg."

i shop at forever 21.

i cheerlead when i drink too much.

if the opportunity ever presented itself,
i would so be okay with doing a drive-by.

i love to xo.

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