Monday, February 15, 2010

my transitional to do's:

after valentines day there seems to always be a lack in holidays to look forward to...sort of depressing and it doesn't help that its also that time of year when we all really are ready for some warm weather and springtime. so i have decided that i will use this time to be super productive and accomplish the following three things from now through the end of march:

1. work out three times a week. don't judge me, this is a very hard goal for people that hate the gym.

2. have a yard sale. the amount of accumulated stuff in my house is wretched. i need to cleanse.
(side note...mikie will not part with his mc esher and pink floyd concert posters circa wvu college days. i think he still thinks there is hope they will grace our living room walls one day..this will never happen. ever.)

3. wedding scrapbook...i really need to do this. i have wedding memorabilia scattered everywhere. is it obvious that clutter gives me anxiety? now that these things are out there that means i have to do them.....right? right.

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