Sunday, February 10, 2013

a weekend of mostly nothing

we are still in flu recovery over here but well enough to at least enjoy a weekend of mostly nothing. february is such a blah month, no? 

saturday i did get to go to a beautiful baby shower and celebrate my friend karen who is having...wait
for it...twins! every time i say the word "twin" i have a brief moment of anxiety because i can not even imagine. but if anyone can handle it, it's her and don't worry because she has three pack and play's now. #registryissues

my dad and step mom came up and treated us to dinner at Leon's which is just, so freaking yummy. sweet angel child allowing her parents to enjoy a night out on the town, a bottle of merlot and the best fries ever.

 today we are watching the rain, finishing off valentines and in keeping with our italian sunday dinners, cooking chicken piccata.   if there's one thing getting me through this month...its our sunday dinners. and live texting with my best friend through all the red carpets.

february...blah, blah, blah. xx

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MondayNightFashion said...

Oooh, the good old flu season :) I guess februray is the perfect month to get sick...not much else going on anyways haha