Monday, September 5, 2011

summer in review.


the beginning of summer. i am turning 31 here.
churros are the best, aren't they!
i spent my birthday weekend in hilton head. husband had to work which was sad but my friends and family made up for it and i had such a memorable weekend. and it only took my three weeks to recover.


june was largely work filled for both of us. however, i did find time to sneak off to charleston and throw my friend tiffany a bachelorette party. we feasted...because as everyone should know, charleston has THE BEST food. we also had dance parties. lots of dance parties. our poor neighbors.


holy. july. this month was insane and worth every exhausted moment.
we started off with a weekend tour of north carolina including stops in charlotte, raleigh and chapel hill to catch up with friends and say goodbye to one in particular who is being sent back overseas this fall. we followed it up with me quitting my job and leaving for pensacola beach for ten days of complete happiness, sunshine and a much needed break from life.
july ended with a cabin full of my best friends in west by god and a gorgeous wedding too.
all-in-all an amazing month.


in august i started my new job at the w hotel, which i love.
other than that we were just catching our breath and giving our livers a break until some of our favorites swung by to "shoot the hooch" aka. float down the chattahoochee river.
we had such a great time with our friends last weekend and it all ended with a sing-a-long to "hey jude" at a local taco joint. the perfect the perfect summer.

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