Thursday, July 28, 2011

the books i read on vacation and loved

i might have a thing for books being made into movies. and brits.
this book was really good and although
maybe not a super uplifting beach read,
a perfect glass of wine/rainy day read...
and if you really want to be annoying,
read book aloud to husband using terrible british accent.

okay, now i know what you are saying, everyone has already read the help.
and i know pretty much everyone has..but for those of you who maybe haven't.
go now. quickly. it's that good.

this is technically cheating, but this is the third time
that i have read this particular book.
only because though, i always bring it along in case
i read all my new ones too fast.
and who wants to be left with nothing to read on their last perfect beach day...
not me. the fact that i have read this so many times though is a testament to how much i love it. which...i really do. (i hope they make into a movie)

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Corryn said...

awesome!! I really wanted to know what books are good right now! thanks for this post