Thursday, July 29, 2010

in honor of vacation...

isn't vacation the best?

waking up at the beach.
mikie surfed every. single. day.
i had coffee talk with my mom every. single. day.

we had a lot of afternoon bushwackers...
which are amazing frozen treats of the adult kind
you can only get in pensacola.

(okay maybe you can get them other places but i like to think its the only place)

we rode bikes, we played games....and guitars,
and ate everything in sight
we laid in the sand and stared at the stars
and had romantic nights on the pier.
we laughed. a lot.

but most of all we reconnected,
with each other, and with family.
and it felt really really good.


Sweet November said...

In the last picture are you making the 'O' for 'Ohio'? Cause if so that'd be great!
haha just kidding! :)

la petite coquine said...

The photos are charming, and your description of the week sounds incredible. What a beautiful time to spend together.